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Advanced Encryption service

21 March 2017


Quantum Encryption


The unique Quantum RNG and OTP technology we offer is 4-128 individual tunnelling channels individually encrypted by an OTP key and a session certificate to alert you of any attempt to eavesdrop or hacking of the communication of your business.

March 25, 2018

Biometrics Security

Supplemental to the encryption of your data communications, we offer local encryption with different level of protection, office access by optical biometrics in combination with Pin with NFC tag or personal ID. A fingerprint scanner and NFC and a password to login to the local network to access files you are permitted to work and view.

june 14, 2018


Embeded Security


Hardware encryption can be in used in conjunction with software on Android phones and VoIP phones via the secure VPN network of multi-tunnel encryption.…

March 21, 2018

Advanced Tuneling

The unique technology offers fast multiple VPN 4 to 128 Individually encrypted tunnelling channels, all individual encrypted by an OTP key and a session certificate to alert you to any attempt to eavesdrop or hacking of the communication of your business. 

Our Services

Quantum Encryption

Planning the integration of a new or development of existing secure net.

Biometrics Security

The development and implementation of measures, methods and tools for effective impact.

Online Services

Online Web-based mail is the small business sword, cause of the low initial cost. No need to download an app to use.

Advanced Tunneling

Projects for the branding development of corporate security strategy include:

  • Basic Quantum Key OTP 3Year
  • Basic Quantum RNG OTP 3Year
  • Basic Session Certificate 3Year
  • International Expansion Advice
  • Pro Server Client dedicated Package

  • High security Accsess 
  • Workstation Accsess
  • ID Trace File log and stamp
  • ID File Trace Certificate
  • Hardware Quantum encryption

  • Website implement Design 
  • Online Client acess package
  • Online Data trace log management 
  • Bulk Key and Certificate management
  • Mobile and VoIP encryption

  • Server - Server Advanced Tunneling
  • Server - Cloud Advanced Tunneling
  • Server - VoIP/Email/Client Tunnelling
  • Own Server Bulk key and certificate, multiple 4-128 Tunneling management



CISSCO encryption technology has its origin from TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) RF communication standard TETRA and the also the standard from Cisco ASA AnyConnect Firewall Router together with Secure Mobile Client.


The standard TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) system was addresses a number of security issues, one of them is the cryptographic protection of signaling data and user data on the highly exposed air interface. However, user data travels unencrypted within the network infrastructure.


This precludes the use of TETRA systems by those users who regard their transmissions as particularly sensitive, and whose Security Policy requires all such data to be appropriately encrypted whilst in transit between the end terminals in any system.


End-to-end encryption addresses these concerns by encrypting data within the transmitting terminal, and only decrypting it within the receiving terminal. The plain data is never exposed within the infrastructure; in fact the infrastructure contains no mechanism to recover it should it wish to do so.


We have improved this idea to internet and work under multiple VPN channels. Just to make it difficult we use a Compiler to only fragment the Data in to pacakes very simular to a torrent file system, and the OTP session certificate to controll the multiple VPN channels induvidual AES256. the encrypted data packets, mixed with a cross jump encryption under a OTP session key, very similar to a AES encryption. se picture. 


To prohibit and make it impossible to Reverse the data, even if every bit has been monitored and collected. The key and certificate is only valid one time only. OTP code certificate and Keys makes it perfect to validate a file if it has been tampered.


if a certificate been called to validate a data from the server, it is only valid one time.

And by this, it will reveal any attempt and flagg if it has been tampered or by eavesdropping and tried to be open.

We can now offer a "Secure File". Stop any unauthorised access.

The "Secure File" offers a total file management system of your valuable files. The Pro version provides an extended global secure file management. This service allows staff to open a file only within the office LAN "Local Area Network" or connect to a Specifically approved Mac address in order to use a global WAN "Wide Area Network".

The service performs by the creation of a unique OTP code certificate and embedded Key and trace code. The code applies to any encrypted data, picture, document. To extract the data a valid: key, OTP certificate, IP/Mac need to be correct or the use of the certificate will alert a tamper warn the system. A new file session certificate required to be activated. If a file is open by the user inside the network, the log will store information similar like a Cookie.

The certificate request collects data from the user computer and compares if it is valid. If any data is stolen or Hacked it is useless the same moment it leaves the server or network. First attempt to open any file will result in unauthorised access. A tamper alert will issue and log and close the connection to the data.

The system will collect Trace information on the user to trace ID and position. Some extra Info about the user has obtained to id. The user is blocked, until the Management system unlocks the user computer. The secure the use of digital countermeasures prevents any unauthorised access.

Track and Trace any of your data on your server.

Dedicate the files individual security level of access to a group or staff.

Server Management to prevent any unauthorised individual to access. Secure your most valuable data by encryption and OTP Certificate.

Global ID trace of a computer, if an unauthorised tries try to open your file.

ID collected signature: IP, mac-address, User account...

"Your file is safe!"