Advanced ID Lock

We have developed a new ID system to identify a device, via advanced technology. That collects various hardware identification, as the "Mac address" and more. villken locks the software to a device and is part of the encryption key. In addition to this we have integrated NFC as part identification and also the part of the encryption key.

Hacking Detection

We use a integrated advanced detection technology to disclose if the data is tampered or eavesdropped in any way. The system re-sending all data, under a new secure session.

Multiple Quantum Encryption

we use a Multiple tunneling capability of 4 -50 tunnel channels, and a special tunnel channel for key exchange.

Advanced Encryption, Superdense coding

Multiple tunnel Quantum encryption.

TLS/SSL multiple quantum encryption CECPQ4, ECDSA

,AES256 GCM SHA384.

Multiple OTP Certificate

We use advanced true quantum RNG certificate, valid for one session, "One Time Pad". All certificate manufactured in a true quantum RNG, and can not be reverse engineered.

Next Generation of Secure communication

Our Services

Mobile Secure Encryption

Corporate Services

Online Services

Streamed Data

  • Android P2P encrypted Voice, sms

  • Android VoIP encrypted calls

  • iOS Apple VoIP encrypted calls

  • PC/Mac VoIP client encrypted calls

  • Iridium Encrypted OS root kit

We provide Key-ready Encrypted systems
for VoIP and secured streamed services.
BRANDED company  in your color.

  • Unique secure Website Design

  • Secure Online E-business Store 

  • Fully encryptetd sites for secure login

  • Fully encrypted cloud commection

  • Hardware Encrypted cloud data

  • unique compression 1:50-200 raw data

  • streamed 16 million session key

  • All data under standard IP4 and IP6

  • Unique implemented User data

  • Trace Code of any streamed data copy