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CISSCO Communications Ltd uses cookies to make it easier, faster and more fun for you to visit at cissco.ch.

We use 1 part and 3 party cookies to optimize user experience of the site, optimize design on a website, develop web statistics, and target marketing to users. This information is shared with third parties. Cookies are also used to analyze how our customers use the webshop and to target the marketing of our products and services. Below you can see what we use of cookies and how to delete them.

Table of Contents

1.  Which cookies use at CISSCO Site?

2. What is a cookie?

3. Delete cookies

4. Question

1. Which cookies use at CISSCO?

We place both 1st and 3rd party cookies when using CISSCO.CH. Some cookies are associated with personal information. If you want to read more about our personal data policy, you can find it here. It is important to emphasize that we can only see the cookies we place. Therefore, we can not see information from other people's cookies. Like others can not see information from our cookies.

1st. Party cookies are required for the site to work. 3rd party cookies are used for analysis and marketing. So, among other things, we can see how many people visit CISSCO.CH, but also so we can ensure that our chat feature is available and we can always show relevant products for you. Name Used to DoubleClick Used to show relevant products in our marketing Smartly Used to display relevant products in our marketing Facebook Connect So you can log in to our Facebook profile.

Google Analytics We use to get statistics from our website, so we can improve your user experience Google Tag Manager Used to see when you come to CISSCO.CH through our marketing  Allows you to chat with us and used to easily report the products you purchase and to display relevant products to you on the page Allows you to use as a form of payment PayPal Allows you to pay with PayPal  used to analyze data 2.

2. What is a cookie?

A cookie is a smart, electronic cookie in your computer that remembers what you've written and clicked on inside the individual site. On CISSCO.CH we use it to save your username. Cookies make it easy and quick for our customers to shop with us by analyzing the way you navigate the website. There are basically two types of cookies, "temporary" and "permanent". The temporary cookies are linked to the current visit to CISSCO.CH and are automatically deleted when you close your web browser. However, the permanent cookies will be stored on your device (computer, tablet, etc.). Permanent cookies delete themselves after a certain period of time (set in your browser), but will be renewed every time you visit CISSCO.CH.

3. Delete cookies

Do not worry, Cookies are not dangerous. You can always delete your cookies again; In Internet Explorer, simply select 'features' in the menu, then 'internet settings' and finally 'delete cookies'. And then everything is deleted again.

4. Questions

Do you have any comments or questions regarding our information or processing of personal information, please feel free to contact us.